Why Choose Us?

There are many dentists and dental practitioners to choose from nearby, but we believe The Nightingale Clinic has several key qualities that sets us apart.

Highly-Qualified and Experienced Dental Professionals

We believe everybody deserves premium dental care provided by a team of professionals with a stellar reputation in the industry — that’s us.

Our team has a combined pool of experience in excess of 260 years in dentistry. We have a skill-mix of general dentists, specialist orthodontists, dentists with special interest in orthodontics, oral surgery and sedation, oral hygienists and orthodontic therapists.

Patients come to us for our high level of care for the services we offer. Instances where patients require particular expertise, we refer them to a hand-picked periodontist or endodontist who works with us to provide seamless, comprehensive care.

A Targeted Suite of Dental Care

We are a unique dental practice that offers specialist dental care in orthodontics, sedation and minor oral surgery. We only provide dental treatments where we are experts, because we want to deliver a patient experience with impeccable results. At The Nightingale Clinic, we offer:

Routine Preventative Care

This can stop or slow dental issues, with services such as scaling and polishing with our friendly hygienist.

Advanced Restorative Treatments

Repair damaged or decayed teeth or replace missing teeth, using a number of possible treatments including crowns, bridges, dentures or dental implants.

Oral Surgery

Common oral surgeries include removing broken down teeth or impacted wisdom teeth, routine extractions and placing dental implants.

Orthodontic Treatment

Our dentists use some the industry’s most effective brace systems to straighten teeth.


Conscious sedation helps nervous patients overcome the fear they may experience during dental treatment.

Cosmetic Services

Beautify your smile or enhance your facial features, like our teeth whitening treatments or facial aesthetic treatments.

Individualised Care for Every Patient

A wonderful benefit of our dental practice is how we treat our patients and build rapport with you. Each person who sits in our dentist’s chair can expect to be treated with personalised attention. You can be confident that you’re receiving care that’s customised to your needs, preferences and budget.

Offering professional and friendly service for every visit, The Nightingale Clinic helps design dental treatments around you. We always use honest, clear explanations of your dental treatment options, so you’re well-informed to make the best decisions for your own care.

Our team is compassionate and respectful. We believe these qualities help make our patients feel more comfortable and less anxious about visiting the dentist. As a result, we’ve established long-term relationships with many of our patients.

Top of the Line Equipment, Technology and Results

As a high-performing dental clinic, we know the benefits and quality the right dental tools provide. The Nightingale Clinic is well-equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and staff that know and understand the devices inside and out.

Nervous Patients

Visiting the dentist may not be your cup of tea and it may actually spark anxiety and stress. Dentists and their tools are a common fear and we’ve designed our practice to help alleviate your concerns when you visit.

Our objective is to make our patients feel confident and safe while providing you with a wonderful experience. No matter which treatment you’re coming in for, we promise that you can expect a high level of care every visit.

Let us know if you’re nervous for your visit. We’ll work with you to give you the experience you need. For patients who need help relaxing during their visit, our qualified team can discuss sedation options with you.

What Existing Patients Have to Say

The greatest compliment we receive is when patients share their experience at our practice with others or refer The Nightingale Clinic to a friend or family member. Here is just one of the lovely compliments that we have received from our patients:
"To all the staff at Nightingale, thank you so much for all you do, you have all been so helpful, friendly and reassuring at every appointment. You are all fantastic at your jobs and lovely people, keep being you."
Read more testimonials and find out what our patients say about our team and practice.

Come and Meet Us

Our team is ready to meet you and provide you with the dental care you deserve. Book your appointment with us today.