NHS Fees

We provide an NHS referral service for treatment under sedation, oral surgery and orthodontics. If your dentist refers you to us for any of these services, the fees on this page apply.

You May Be Eligible for Free Dental Treatment Through the NHS

Under the NHS, there is the possibility that you can obtain no-cost treatment if you meet certain criteria before treatment starts. Those eligible may include people who are:
Under 18 years old
18 and enrolled in full time education
Receiving low income benefits
Pregnant, or have been in the last 12 months

NHS Treatment Cost

The following are the NHS Treatment Bands that apply to The Nightingale Clinic based on the treatments we have available.
Last Updated on January 18, 2024

Band 2 (£70.70)

Our NHS treatment covers consultation, dental examination, X-rays, diagnosis and advice from members of our dental practice and verification of the requested treatment.

Please note:
If you are referred for treatment under sedation, the NHS refers to this as an “Additional Service” and the fee for this is payable to The Nightingale Clinic.

If you are referred for treatment under local anaesthesia, there is no “Additional Service” (ie no sedation). The NHS refers to this as an “Advanced Mandatory Service” referral and the fee is payable to the referring dentist in this instance.

Clear Communication About Your Dental Treatment

We are proud to offer our patients both NHS and private dental care.

Our team of dentists and dental support staff are very transparent. We are upfront about which services are covered by the NHS and what needs to be paid by the patient or through private insurance. Your treatment plan will outline the associated costs for NHS treatments and any private options, if they apply.

Before we proceed with any treatment, we need our patients to agree with the proposed treatment and costs or let us know if you decide not to move forward with a certain option.

Referral-Based Care for NHS Patients

Several area dentists refer their patients to The Nightingale Clinic for specialist-led orthodontics, minor oral surgery and implants. Make your patient referral today by filling out one of our online forms.