More teeth are lost due to gum disease than tooth decay. Hygiene appointments are our opportunity to help you prevent future dental issues and feel good about your smile.

Dental Hygiene is an Important Part of Preventative Dentistry

Dental hygiene appointments help us track your oral health, correct any harmful habits and prevent costly treatments in the future. We fix your current oral health issues and resolve any early signs of other issues before they become big problems.

Good dental hygiene and regular professional cleaning with our skilled hygienist is essential for good oral health. Oral hygiene is a big part of preventative care, helping reduce tooth decay, gum disease and other potential dental problems in the future.

Benefits of Booking a Dental Hygiene Appointment

Overlooked dental hygiene poses a risk for your oral health and your overall health. Here are some of the ways regular hygiene visits help our patients:
  • You gain a more confident smile free of surface stains, plaque, discolouration and tartar.
  • We can reverse gingivitis.
  • Treatment can improve bad breath.
  • We will find and stop potential dental issues from escalating.
  • You learn about your mouth and dental health.
  • You receive professional help with brushing techniques and dietary advice for better oral health.

Poor Oral Hygiene Signs and Symptoms

Even with regular brushing and flossing, patients may still exhibit signs of poor oral hygiene. It may be a small home care habit that could use more attention or another issue that happens for reasons beyond your control, such as genetics.
If you experience any of the following, they could be a sign of sub-standard oral hygiene:
Bad breath
Inflamed or tender gums
Gums that bleed during brushing
Stained teeth
Loose teeth
Tooth sensitivity
Tooth decay
Visible plaque and tartar

Routine Dental Checkups and Deep Cleaning

Our dentists work closely with the dental hygienist to customise your care and offer you the treatment you need. The dental team does a full mouth assessment of your teeth, gums and soft tissues, checking for signs of disease and wear. Based on this examination, the dentist will recommend any necessary treatments to keep your oral health in top condition.

Many of our patients appreciate being able to book a scale and polish appointments directly with the hygienist. During hygienist appointments, we will conduct a thorough cleaning, removing debris, plaque and calculus from your teeth and under the gum line. After scaling, we polish your teeth to make them look and feel wonderful.

Up-to-Date Dental Records

Regular dental hygiene visits are a touchpoint for your dental care, but also provide the necessary medical updates we use to tailor your oral healthcare.

Our dental hygienist starts the appointment by reviewing your dental and medical history on file. If you have a new medical condition, have started a new medication, have any new allergies or any other relevant updates for your health, we note it in your file.

This medical information is a vital component of the care you receive at our practice. Sharing this information with your hygienist ensures that the dental care we provide and the recommendations we make are customised with your overall health in mind.

At the end of your appointment, the hygienist updates your patient file with the treatments you received, any findings, and the advice and recommendations given to you by members of our dental team.

Personalised Advice and Dental Education

Private patients who schedule hygiene appointments reap the benefit of tailored advice and education based on their specific needs. Our dental professionals offer bespoke education to help you improve and maintain your oral hygiene, inform you about your teeth and gums and advise you on any recommended treatments to address any issues we find in the early stages.

If there are any areas that could use some extra attention, we point them out to you, and explain how you can address the issue with your home care regimen. The dental hygienist notes these areas in your digital care file, enabling us to keep an eye on these particular areas at subsequent visits.

Are You Overdue for a Cleaning?

Regular dental hygiene appointments are a fundamental part of preventative dentistry. Resolving small issues now leads to a healthier smile in the future. Book your dental hygiene appointment today.