NHS Oral Surgery

Our dental team has the necessary experience and additional training which enable us to provide an oral surgery referral service to other dental practices in the area.

Necessary Oral Surgeries for Improved Oral Health

Your oral health and comfort is our top concern at The Nightingale Clinic. On the NHS, you would normally be referred to us for the surgical removal of a tooth. Removing broken-down teeth improves your oral health and removes the discomfort you may have suffered while the tooth was in place.

Surgical intervention may be required for patients who need teeth removed, have oral infections, have had a dental accident or are struggling with other dental issues. Oral surgeries at our practice are performed by dentists with special interest in oral surgery. You can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

The Information You Need Before Oral Surgery

We do an assessment prior to your surgery to determine if you would benefit from the removal of certain teeth. Our evaluation is in addition to the examination and assessment performed by your dentist that made the referral. We will be very transparent with you about whether your oral surgery is covered by the NHS and any associated cost if you elect an alternative private option. We will provide you with a written treatment plan, so you are fully informed about the treatment, its risks and the benefits the treatment should provide.

Preparing for Oral Surgery

The team at The Nightingale Clinic does a comprehensive evaluation of the surgical site and the surrounding oral structures to plan the surgery. From the assessment, X-rays and other tests, we create a bespoke treatment plan for your oral surgery.

Prior to your oral surgery date, we will give you an overview on what you need to know, and how to prepare. Instructions will be tailored to your specific surgery. In general, these pre-surgery instructions include any eating restrictions leading up to surgery, a reminder to wear comfortable clothing, and to make sure you to arrange a ride home afterward.

Depending on the surgery, you will receive local anaesthetic or sedation, which keeps you comfortable throughout the procedure. If we determine that you require sedation, please plan for somebody to drive you to and from the appointment. The duration of the surgery depends on the type of procedure, the size of the area being treated and whether you require sedation.

We Treat Nervous Patients

Oral surgery may feel momentous and intimidating, especially for nervous patients. The oral surgeons and support team at The Nightingale Clinic have years of expertise performing these types of procedures. We are skilled at making patients feel comfortable and confident in their treatment, so they can receive the dental care they need to restore their oral health. Please let us know if you feel hesitant or fearful regarding oral surgery. We are a compassionate group of professionals whose objective is providing you with first-class dental care.

Your Oral Health Concerns

NHS dental coverage helps you access the treatments you need for a healthy smile.
If you may be eligible for NHS oral surgery, please ask your dentist to refer you to our practice here.